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Raw Cafe

8 Aug

Raw Cafe is one of those places that gets the small details right. The best bit for a coffee and cookie lover like myself is that when you order a hot drink, it comes in a lovely mug with a cookie, specially cut out to hang on the side of the mug. But there is also so much more that puts is as one of my new local haunts.

Raw Cafe is on the ultra cool Derry Street which boasts so many eating spots. It stands out from the crowd with its cool, airy atmosphere and sparse design. It makes the perfect place for a quiet cup of coffee alone, or a good catch up with friends. While the waitresses can be absentminded, they are soon back on your side as soon as you give them a friendly wave or smile. You too might be distracted from your food if you are there when Ralph, the local Husky puppy, is visiting – he is too cute and will cheer up anyone’s day

There is so much choice on the menu. They serve brekkie til 12 and also have salads, soup, sarmies and delicious smelling pot pies. There is plenty of choice for vegetarians, but this is by no means veggie hangout only. Salads take on a new meaning here – I have never been one for rabbit food, but they jazzed up my rocket salad with delicious gluhwein-poached pears, brie and parma ham – wow! This might not be the best place if you are looking for deep fried comfort food, as there are no chips on the menu, but you’ll be spoilt for choice in any other way. Be sure to pick up a vanilla cupcake on your way out or with your coffee and this will be comfort enough!

The prices at Raw are pretty good. I was impressed with my salad, mentioned above, with a plethora of fairly pricey ingredients only added to R44, and the other meals were all around this fair price.

Get yourself down to Raw for a breath of fresh air and fresh coffee. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Raw: 21 Derry Street, Vredehoek, 021 4617648, Coffees: R12+ Brekkie: R28+           Mains: R30+, Service: Some-what slow, but at least it has a smile!