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House of Kink – bachelorette party!

22 Aug

Sex shops scare me. Especially when they are called things like “Kink”. But add a bar and suddenly it becomes far more comfortable! House of Kink mixes a classy sex shop upstairs, with a cocktail bar and kitchen downstairs. This blends together for their fitting bachelorette party venue.

One of the upstairs rooms was cleared of merchandise for the party (I was pretty glad about this; I don’t know if I could have lasted the night with those things staring at me!). A private bar in the corner was filled with whatever the bridesmaids chose to stock it with and anything else for the cash bar.

Then the food arrived and, wow, did it make an entrance! The delicious snacks made by the House of Kink kitchen were brought in by Bare Butt Butlers! I must say the snacks were tastier than the bare bums on display. These poor boys had to wear only bowties and very small aprons – now that takes guts in a room of pretty girls. The boys were clean and not at all sleazy, which was great because I was not at all interested in seeing greased up male strippers!

The food was great – platters of sushi, calamari, prawn, sesame chicken skewers and bruschetta with parma ham and tomato. Peanut, tartar, tzatziki, pesto – the sauces were brilliant. I loved every mouthful, but could only have wished for a little bit more on the platters.

With flowing wine, chilled background music, bare bums and good food, House of Kink made for an excellent venue and I’m sure the Bride (because she deserves a capital) loved the atmosphere and being surrounded by her girlfriends.

House of Kink is also open as a sex shop, restaurant  and cocktail bar from Monday to Saturday. I’m sure the more adventurous (or maybe I’m just a scaredy cat prude!) will enjoy venturing upstairs. And for the rest of you, Kink serves up a mean cosmopolitan and snack platter!

House of Kink: 3 Park Road, off Kloof Street, Gardens, 021 4240757. Bare Butt Butlers: www.barebuttbutlers.co.za


The Old Biscuit Mill – a selection

16 Aug

This is what being Capetonian is about. Saturday mornings turn Woodstock into a veritable hive. Everyone who wants to be seen, wants to taste awesome food, or simply wander around in the sunshine with delicious smells wafting over them, must head to the Old Biscuit Mill. This complex was literally the old Bakers Biscuit Mill and has been morphed into a small shopping centre with an organic food and design market on Saturdays. I love the Biscuit Mill. Here is a selection of my absolutely favourite shops and stalls.

Alexandra Höjer

Alexandra Höjer is a Swedish fashion designer, but we are lucky enough to have her in Cape Town! She is based here and has a permanent store in the Lifestyle Centre on Kloof Street. Her dresses are what have made me a fan. She uses beautiful cotton, some of which she has printed herself – and she creates whimsical (yes, I said it, whimsical) dresses that fit just right. She also has a range or shirts, tops, pants and anything you could imagine!

Alexandra’s stall really stands out at the Biscuit Mill. She is forward thinking enough to have a debit and credit card machine, which none of the other stalls do, and she has a small changing area. Alexandra herself is also part of the charm. She is a gentle woman, but always offers advice that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.

Splash out on a gorgeous dress for this summer – I can guarantee you will wear it all season!

Visit the store at Lifestyles on Kloof, 021-4224149, Monday to Friday, 10-4.30 or the stall at the Old Biscuit Mill, Saturday 9-2 pm.

Mü & Me

Mü is a gorgeous little bird, drawn by Daley Müller. Luckily she has a whole crowd of lovely characters that make up her world. Cute design, whether it is on stationery, clothing or interiors has always made me feel a little dizzy with glee, especially if it has African flavour and involves animals. Enter Mü & Me. Bliss. Mü & me is a design company that ticks all the boxes – children’s clothes, stationery, stickers, grown up T-shirts, badges, stickers, bags and now they have upholstery fabric for children’s furniture.

The designs (or illustrations) are fresh, brightly coloured and all round gorgeous. They use animals, boys and girls in Western or traditional African clothing  and stunning motifs like cupcakes, rainbows, hearts and all things that make my heart melt a little and wish I was still a little girl.

The newest range of cards is stunning, moving away from simply having one or two characters to having whole scenes drawn in detail. Yay! The postcards I send my sister in England have been a big hit, so I can’t wait to send some of these new gems.

Visit the Mü & Me store, Shop E102 Old Biscuit Mill Woodstock, 021 447 14 13, or find their stock at various stores around the country, like Wordsworth and Exclusive books. If you’re further afield Mü & Me is even available at Selfridges and Liberty in London!

More Old Biscuit Mill in tomorrow’s post…

Van Hunks

6 Aug

Van Hunks is a cosy restaurant that immediately puts its guests at ease, with delicious food and excellent service.

I am embarrassed to admit that I only discovered this gem when friends arrived from Jo’burg who had heard of it. I hung my head in shame for all of 5 seconds and realised that it would make the perfect start to “Review Bar”.

Van Hunks is settled in a house in Tamboerskloof and it has managed to maintain the home-like atmosphere, by keeping many of the interior walls and the central fireplace. It was a wonderful place to eat on a cold Cape Town night. Luckily, as I avoid the trendy like a snotty child, the crowd was relaxed. Our waiter was super helpful, going so far as to help us cut open a suitcase (long story!) and he always had a smile, which definitely encouraged more wine drinking! Unfortunately the staff needs to hone their fire making skills for the winter months as at times it became a little smoky, but we were at Van Hunks after all! (Find out the tale of Van Hunks below if you don’t know it.)

The menu was small, but had delicious choices, including good old steak, chips and veggies (and the steak was done to rare perfection I might add), homestyle oxtail ragout and, for my vegetarian friend, mushroom and artichoke ravioli. Every dish was scrumptious and the portions were well sized. I’m definitely part of the empty plate club but there is nothing worse than eating too much of a yummy meal and feeling way too full. I felt satisfied, and by no means hard done by, especially considering the price.

To go with our meal we chose from their large wine list. We had the Waterford Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc which somehow managed to disappear extremely quickly! I’m not going to pretend to be anything of a wine fundi, that would be cheating, so I can merely say – Nyummy!

Van Hunks. Corner Upper Union and Kloof Street, Tamboerskloof; 021 422 5422; Mains: R60-R95 Desserts: from R40; Service: Great

The real Van Hunks story

A long time ago (as rumour has it) Van Hunks was a captain in the navy and lived on the slopes of Table Mountain. His favourite pastime was strolling up the mountain, sitting on a rock and smoking his pipe.

One day Van Hunks was upset to find a stranger, dressed all in black and wearing a peculiar hat, sitting on his rock. The stranger greeted Van Hunks by name, so he soon forgot his displeasure and sat next to the stranger, bragging about his tobacco and smoking ability. The stranger claimed that he could smoke more than Van Hunks. The old sea codger decided this was a challenge worth accepting and the smoking began.

They smoked and smoked and smoked. People in Cape Town were worried when they saw a billowing cloud begin to cover Table Mountain. And still the men smoked and smoked. Eventually, both men began to feel ill (understandably so!) and, about to topple over, the stranger’s hat fell off revealing his horns and his true identity. It was the devil! Van Hunks realised he had beaten the devil himself and no doubt started bragging immediately. The devil, being the bad loser that he is, disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Now, when the cloud comes down and covers Table Mountain, it is said that Van Hunks and the devil are smoking again.