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26 Aug

This is the smartest movie I have seen in a long time. Inception is built on layer upon layer of narrative, setting and characterisation. Just when you think you have it all figured out, there’s another layer. It’s like Russian dolls that way: as soon as you think you’ve gotten to the smallest doll, you discover the crack that reveals another one.

The story follows Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) and his team (including Joseph Gordon- Levitt) as they plan a subconscious burglary – they steal ideas through the subconscious mind. This sounds tricky, and it is for the team and the audience. First you have to suspend disbelief and allow the premise that people can in fact enter dreams. But the dreams are so brilliant, so real, that the film sweeps you up and the difficulty in telling dreams from reality makes the film.

Cobb of course has his demons to battle (as does any worthwhile protagonist), and it is with these battles raging that he attempts his most difficult project ever. Enter Ariadne (Ellen Page) and various other team members. Cillian Murphy is the target and he is as cool as ever, though less ruddy than in his previous films (The Dark Knight, Red Eye)

This may be a film about a heist but it is not way simply a hi-tech robbery film of The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11, but the story also looks at far more intriguing themes like forgiveness, acceptance and guilt. Ellen Page plays the grounded confidante to Di Caprio’s troubled mind and she is the character that ultimately drives the story forward in revealing what has happened or will happen.

Layers are integral to Inception, and the way they interlink is something I’ve never before seen. Some may compare it to The Matrix, but this goes far beyond those simple levels to a far more complex and meaningful story. 

Leonardo di Caprio has, with Shutter Island and The Departed, shot to that echelon of stardom that few reach and his performance in Inception is laudable. He plays it cool, yet accesses some really deep emotions without heading for melodramatic territory. He is going to be one of The Greats and Inception will surely be one of the films that will appear in Classic Di Caprio DVD sets in the future.

Go see Inception on the big screen, as the visual effects by Chris Ourbould are stunning and the big screen will allow you to become totally immersed in the reality/fantasy of the film. It is worth going to see Inception for the cinematography alone.Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director and this is even better than The Dark Knight. And the ending… It is mind boggling. Please, see this film!