The Woodstock Lounge

10 Aug

The joburg locals are still in town and I decided that pizza would be an excellent meal for a hung over Saturday night. How wrong I was. I can’t believe how many people have recommended the pizza at The Lounge.

To  be fair, the first thing that put me off the place was one of the patrons. I have never enjoyed watching a drunk man yell and then hump his bar stool rather viciously, but who has? Yes, this was the den of iniquity into which I had stumbled.

Once all my friends had arrived I assumed it would all become more pleasant. Wrong again. This is one place that proves that waiters can be the downfall of a restaurant. Mine sported long, greasy black hair and clearly cared as much about his guests as his personal hygiene. Not much, in case I need to spell that out. Besides having to place our order twice and repeating that I will not, repeat will not, eat avocado, our starters and pizzas arrived together (a definite bug bear of mine) and then… yes… avocado on my pizza! This was only made worse by my pizza being whisked away and returned not 2 minutes later with green marks, resembling and tasting like snail trails, all over it. Yuck. Plus the to-ing and fro-ing made it cold. The only time to eat cold pizza is the next day, not where you ordered it!

The final insult was when I finished my pizza before my friend next to me (yes, I know, it was cold and gross, but I was hung over and hungry and went to boarding school). The waiter cleared my board, reaching straight over my friend’s pizza with his arm pit. I could practically see the goebies leaping from his pits onto her food. I had had enough. If it wasn’t the hang over which made me leave early, it was certainly the food.

 The Lounge: Roodebloem Road, Woodstock, 021 448 4448, Pizzas: not worth the money they cost! Service: Appalling


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